• Dan Murray Wins Toronto Poetry Slam

    In spite of not being a shinning student during school life, Murray outshines rivals.
    Recently, the poetry final that was held at Super Market on Sunday February 16, 2014 has been won by Dan Murray.
    The Poetry slam had featured 13 poets who struggled against each other in the three rounds.
    Nina Raynars reporter of Toronto Observe said that “Murray had walked away with a cash prize of $500 and after winning the Slam, Murray will now represent Toronto at the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam which is supposed to be held in Vancouver April 5-12.
  • Five things to do in Toronto this weekend, March 7-9

    Five things to do in Toronto this weekend, March 7-9
    This week New Yorker Billy Joel is going to play Madison Square Garden monthly.  Exactly, he is going t pop-up here and there rather than engaging himself for a prolonged tour. On Sunday, he will display some excellent flying traits through his flight’s hop at Air Canada Centre and that would be an amicable and joyous moment for the fans to come.
    It will be held on March 9, 8 p. and the ticket prices will be between. $68.75 to $164.75. The location of the venue is Air Canada Centre, 50 Bay St. For tickets call 1-855-985-5000 orticketmaster.ca.
    The contract between National Ballet of Canada and Russian star Svetlana Lunkina is going to up at the end of this winter season. But, former Bolshoi ballerina said that “I am not ready for the Swan Song yet”. Besides, she said with a firm determination that “I am going to share lead role in the Swan Lake – the company’s version of the mystic”.
    Upon arrival to Canada in the last fall, Bolshoi ballerina said that “After spending 15 years of Struggle in Russia, I feel that there are many things that I can still do”. Swan Lake is supposed to be her third production with the nation and she hopes that she would qualify the audition.
    It will be held on March 8 to 16, and the ticket prices will be between: $25 to $184. The location of the venue is Four Seasons Centre, 145 Queen St. W., for tickets call 416-345-9595 ornational.ballet.ca.
    We have been wearing the T-Shirt, displaying our support, and showing our solidarity with the 1,100 garment workers of Bangladesh about less than a year ago. But, we must not be so blasé about it. It is a comedic piece that has been specifically aimed for the audiences of aged 10 to 16 using live music to address the issue of globalization and the true cost of our cheap clothes.
    It will be held on March 8, and the ticket prices will be $10. The location of the venue is Wychwood Theatre, Artscape Wychwood Barns, 76 Wychwood Ave., for tickets call 416-526-9332 orthetaleofatshirt.eventbrite.ca.
    How to express my feelings with my brother about our mother that she is as lovely as the electrical storm particularly when you are unclothed and hanging over the highest tree of the country? This is one of those six questions that are asked in the new play. The theme of this play is based on daughter’s relationship with her estranged mom, and, as queries go, it turns out to be dozy.
    Actually the piece is based on a memoir of Priscila Uppal (The Projection Encounters with my Runaway Mother) who is one of Canada’s great poets, and there is no second opinion on it.
    It will be held on March 30 and the ticket prices will range from $23 to $45. The location of the venue is Factory Theatre, 125 Bathurst St., for tickets call 416-504-9971 or factorytheatre.com.
    On Saturday night, after party of the comic book convention, sci-fi fandango is going to take place. It would take place at Tattoo Queen West lounge where autographs and Q &As will also be given. Besides, Comicon attractions particularly the Napoleon Dynamite star Jon Heder will be on hand. Apart from this, Billy Boyd from The Lord of the Rings won’t be using his “hobbit-forming” line on the ladies. Inevitably, the photo shoot session will also be followed at the end of the party and chances are there that many other famous celebrities may also come to attend the event.
    It will be held on March 7 to 9, and the ticket prices will range from $10 to $25 (weekend pass, $45). The location of the venue is Metro Convention Centre, 255 Front St. W.,comicontoronto.com.
  • On writers and drinking: the Trip to Echo Spring

    Why most of the famous writers warrant to alcoholism or liquor? A British based writer Olivia Laing is quite wondered about that as she had already visited United States to investigate the lives of already published and famous drunks such as John Cheever, John Berryman, Raymond Carver, Tennessee Williams, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and Ernest Hemingway. No doubt, these men have contributed a lot for modern American literature and supposed to be worldly known writers. Olivia writes that “All of these writers were considering the liquor as directly linked to the creative writing and it was in their mind that they been damaged by their childhood”.
    Olivia Laing is writing a book titled as The Trip to Echo Spring: on Writers and Drinking and it is primarily focusing on the writers who were involved in drinking habits.
    Furthermore a Journalist questions Olivia that during the beginning of 20th century, alcoholism was epidemic among the writers and poets of United States and your focus is on physiology of alcoholism but my question is that, were the American writers constantly using alcohol to fuel their creativity?
    Olivia replied to that journalist as “It was not in the beginning of 20th Century rather it was linked to the entire 19th century till 1980s that writers used alcohol to lessen down their anxiety that was blocking the creativity”. Besides, the excessive use of alcohol clearly shows in the Hemingway’s book, Across the River and into the Trees that he lost his language and style of writing due effects of alcohol on his mind.  Similarly, the plays of Tennessee Williams were not stages due to lack of coherence and it was just because of the overuse of drinking the liquor.
  • Spoken word events in Toronto, March 2014

    Will anyone turn on the heat please? The coldest winter season that was notably colder than the past two decades is about to end peacefully in this month. No doubt, it is the supposed to be good timing of ending the season because the poetic words being spoken by GTA spoken word community will surely augment your overall temperature.
    This year is going to mark new milestones because a newly opened mic series is getting off the ground.  There will be shows of sounds and words. Although, this year, there would also be numerous sparring rounds that uphold the true sensations of life.  Hence must not forget to check these events.
    Ottawa provocateur John Akpata and Whitney French are going to hold a meeting of minds and ideas. Both of these champions will share their notable poetic contribution, stories and music will all the participants and  this evening will undoubtedly an unforgettable event for all and sundry.
     The top 16 outstanding poets have been declared as semifinalists for their impressive performance. The finalist team – which is supposed to be declared in April-, will be having the opportunity to defend national slam championship at the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word in Victoria this fall. Both shows feature impressive and talent poets and the first features Minnesota’s own Kait Rokowski is worth mentioning here. Besides, the Toronto audience may not be ready for the second semi finalist Winnipeg wordslinger Aaron Simm.
    2012 national slam champion Ritallin is going to release thirds and perhaps final volume of his Poet Psychology project. His poems in this CD can be set to all kinds of music. It is said that Peterborough based reggae group Dub Trinity, t Music Award winning hip-hop MC Spesh K and newly signed R&B artist Pluto will join Ritallin onstage for marking the evening of music and poetry as impeccable.
    The SOSWC is the consortium of groups holding different spoken word events in Guelph, London, Burlington, York Region, Hamilton and Toronto. Thanks to Canadian Council for arts for bringing such a meaningful programs for us. Besides it has given us immense pleasure to see hi profile artists in the country. The Circuit will also host the two-time Victoria slam champion and #MenLetsTalk advocate Jeremy Love day. He also performs at Burlington Slam Project (March 20) and YorkSlam (March 26).
    The third annual edition of The Last Poet Standing has been Hosted and produced by Dwayne Morgan, and, it is going to be a remarkable event. In this event Artists will be set to go head-to-head in a single elimination spoken word tournament. The winner will walk away with $500 cash prize. Besides, Dagmar Morgan is also one of the 16 contenders who are supposed to be champion of champions.
  • Toronto writer live-tweets being locked inside the Bay

    Think for a while, you are in a shopping mall, intending to purchase groceries and many other items and suddenly the lights of the shopping mall turned off, how would you feel and what would you do?
    This is what recently has happened with a Toronto based woman Emily Keeler, a writer and editor. She used twitter for her help and offered a good piece of entertainment to her followers.  Actually, she was locked inside the Bay and posted a tweet that “I am trapped at Hudson’s bay at Yonge and everything is closed here”. Upon reading this message, most of her followers wrote what happened and how you had been trapped. She replied, I was looking for sheets set and suddenly light went off.
    Lastly, a follower of Emily suggested her Today’s Special, a Canadian ’80s kids’ show featuring puppets and magical mannequins that takes place after hours in a department store.
  • Toronto Star writer has meltdown after Canada loses to US in ice dancing

    The Toronto Star’s writer Rosie DiManno -writing on Olympic ice dancing- is not happy.  She started melting down when a pair of U.S Meryl Davis and Charlie White beat out Canadians Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir to get the gold medal on Monday.
    Her piece of writing begins with some punching statement that describes the Ice Dancing as “a tawdry whore of a sport where the judges are the johns.”  She further writes “If the fix is not in against Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir, then I’m the Princess of Wales.”
    Few days ago, a report in French sports publication had been published stating that the Russian and American Judges were cahoots against Canada and they were trying their best to get through their contenders. On the other hand, IOS had declined the request to probe the claims. It said in its official statement that “it was a baseless and groundless gossip which does not require any investigation”.
    Besides, it is said that Meryl Davis and Charlie White were supposed to win the gold medal and they were reining the world of champions because they had already been declared as favorites.
    It goes without saying, whether you believe in this monopoly or not but it is true that Rosie DiManno has come to harsh conclusion about the figure skating and she said that “A quarter-century of covering the sport has taught me that figure skating can never be trusted and ice dancing is the worst culprit.”
  • UBC’S Creative Writing Programs is celebrating 50 Years of Excellence

    It was the 1965 when the famous poet Earle Birney established his impressive creative writing department in University of British Columbia. It was supposed to be first program in Canada that had primarily focus on the skills of creative writing.  In the coming weekend, the faculty members and graduates will celebrate the 50 years of excellence of this department at Vancouver. No doubt, the contribution of this department to Canadian literature is of par excellence and this literary should not be missed at any cost.
    This School has produced a bunch of Novelists, Creative writers, Children’s author, poets, and plenty of graduates.  Besides, the outstanding graduates of this program had also won a big number of prizes for the country and it is a matter of honor for the university and for the school.
    Upon request of sharing the reflection of experiences in this school, Lee Henderson a former fellow said that “I had made friendship for the life there and it was really good experience to meet with people of different countries in the same class room”.
  • Veteran Toronto writer pens scathing column on Pegula

    Will my fandom believe that Sabres are non-functional and they were supposed to be made-in-Buffalo phenomenon? These were the views of veteran writer David Shoalts who wrote this scathing article in the Globe and Mail and it was supposed to be hard hitting criticism.
    He opens the article with some punching statements “If there were a trophy for worst owner in professional sports, Terry Pegula would have that thing locked down tighter than the Buffalo Sabres’ grip on last place in the NHL”.
    On the other hand, people on this article comments that “Pegula is the owner of Sabres and if anyone wishes to join him, must be able to dance over his tunes”.  And another person commented on this article as “No doubt it is pegula’s team but he must act as a good owner and should not overact”.
    Lastly, Ken Elder asks David that “If Pegula was the meddling problem then why other members of the Sabres’ management structure did not quit?”