• 4 Paris Luxury Accommodations That Won’t Break the Bank

    Paris apartment rental

    A trip to Paris is a dream come true for many travelers. You can visit the famous Catacombs, 20 meters underground, the depth of a five-story building. You can learn how to say “Je t’aime,” or “I love you,” in 50 more languages as you stroll the Les Mur des Je t?aime in Montmartre. Or you can unwind with a bottle of wine (or two!) inside the Galeries Lafayette, which houses some 1,200 Bordeaux wines at the Bordeauxtheque. After all, this is France!

    You want Paris luxury accommodations, but you don’t want to break the bank on your vacation. With these five chic hotels, you can find both comfort and luxury for a good night’s rest on every night of your Paris vacation.

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  • A Photographer’s Guide To Viral Photo Marketing

    Photo styling

    All over the country, bosses are giving their youngest employees an impossible task. Make us go viral. So we want to preface this guide to viral photo marketing by saying this: you can’t make something go viral. You just can’t. Unless your cousin is Kim Kardashian or you have an extra 500,000k Instagram followers lying around, you just can’t. Going viral is like a lightning strike; it’s a force of nature.
    That being said, there are certain ways that photographers can increase the chances of one of their photographs going viral. Like so much of photography, this involves a combination of skill, patience, and luck. So let’s look at some real life examples to see how this works in practice.
    How To Make a Wedding Photograph Go Viral
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