• Three of the Most Legendary Guitars to Ever Shape Music History

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    For every great guitar, there’s a great story. Yet, even though everyone knows the musician and the music, few people know the pieces of sound equipment that allowed the artists to translate their emotions into music.

    Here are a few of the greatest guitars in music history, and the stories that make them great.


    Back in 1969, Willie Nelson busted his guitar. Doing what most touring, Southern musicians would do in his position, Nelson sent his prized piece of sound equipment off to a guitar repair shop in Nashville. The mechanic there, though, couldn’t fix it. Instead, he called Nelson up, and offered him a Martin N-20 for $750. Though Nelson bought the guitar sight unseen, it was love at first sight. He named it Trigger, after Roy Rodgers’ trusty horse.

    Nelson loved the g Continue Reading

  • How to Choose a Guitar Case That’s Right For You

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    Musicians need guitar cases to help them get their instruments from point A to point B safely. That’s pretty basic. The only trouble is that buying guitar cases isn’t quite as simple as one might think. With so many different styles and types to choose from, it can be easy to misstep and buy the wrong one.

    To help you make a smarter decision, here are a few tips to keep in mind.


    Soft-shelled guitar cases are commonly referred to as “gig bags,” because that’s what they basically are — bags. Soft-shelled cases are typically made from canvas or some other durable, lightweight material. Some higher-end gig bags might have extra padding for protection, or small pockets for cables, guitar tuners, sheet music, or other small items, but most often they’re just ligh Continue Reading

  • 4 Ways Guitar Pedals Can Boost Your Sound

    Electric guitar pedals

    The electric guitar has been a staple instrument in American pop music since its rapid rise in popularity during the 1950s and ’60s. But to create the vastly varied sounds you want for your music, you may need to add something to your playing routine: electric guitar pedals. Of all the accessories for guitars to choose from, guitar effect pedals are some of the most essential. Here are four types of pedals and what they can add to your developing unique sound:

    1. Looping Pedal:
      A looping pedal, also called a looper pedal, allows you to record notes or entire sections of music so that you can layer them together. This can create a fuller, richer sound, especially if you’re playing by yourself or you’re the only guitarist in your band.
    2. Octave Pedal:
      Oc Continue Reading