• What Strange Products Are Your Favorite Musicians Putting Out There?

    Dr guitar strings

    What products are famous musicians and rocks stars most likely to slap their names and/or faces on? Of course, endorsing or advertising guitar multi effects pedals, bass guitar accessories, or even acoustic guitar accessories is completely expected. A growing number of rock stars, however, are truly making a name for themselves by doing something unexpected. You won’t believe some of the products your favorite musicians endorse.

    Who Should You Thank For Finding That Gold Watch On The Beach?

    “Since leaving his band of ancient relics in 1992, former Stone Wyman has dug them up and now flogs signature metal detectors on his website and declares it the ‘greatest hobby on Pl Continue Reading

  • How to Get the Perfect Guitar Distortion

    Prs bass

    After searching through all of the guitar effect pedals online music stores have to offer, you’ve found it — the perfect guitar distortion pedal. It was affordable, had great reviews, and is even amongst your favorite artist’s collection of sound equipment.

    The trouble is that your knowledge set is limited to practical skills, not technical ones. You’re a great guitar player, but an amateur sound tech without a clue as to what each of your new guitar distortion pedal’s knobs do.

    If this really does sound like you, fear not. Here’s what you need to do to get your pedal to produce the guitar distortion you want it to.

    Set It Up.

    First things first — you’ve got to get it all hooked up. Either plug the pedal in to a wall adapter or put a battery in. Then, connect a cable from your Continue Reading