• Three Cool Alternate Ways to Tune Your Guitar

    Dunlop guitar strings

    Did you know that musicians can use their guitar tuners to put their instruments into non-standard tunings? That’s right — you don’t always have to tune to EADGBE. In fact, using guitar tuners to switch up your tuning is a great way to expand your horizons, hone your ear, and have even more fun playing.

    Here are a few cool tunings you should use guitar tuners to check out!

    Dad Gad

    The “Dad Gad” tuning is DADGAD — so it’s pretty easy to remember. Low E goes down to D, B is tuned down a whole step to A, and the high E is tuned down to D as well. After using guitar tuners to put your strings into the Dad Gad tuning, you’ll be able to play some of the most joyous major chords and some of the most haunting minor chord voicings.

    Open G

    Another favori Continue Reading

  • Wedding Photos Are the Way to Make the Special Day Last Forever

    Tampa wedding photography

    Attention all soon-to-be brides and grooms! First of all, congratulations on your engagement! The coming months will be filled with many thrilling and exciting moments. There is so much planning to do before the big day. You are your partner will spend countless hours together pouring over theme ideas, selecting family and friends for the guest list, picking out poses for wedding pictures, and fine tuning all the details. With all of this planning, it would be a shame if the special day came and went with nothing to remember it by. That is why it is important to factor in artistic wedding photography when budgeting for a wedding. The wedding photos cover all activities related to the wedding, and can include the engagement announcement, rehearsals, dressing and make-up before the ceremony, and the re Continue Reading

  • Dancing, Music, and Great Food — What More Could You Want Out of a Boise Nightclub?

    Nightlife in boise

    You may not realize that the night clubs in Boise, Idaho, can provide you with ample entertainment. So if you are looking for things to do this weekend, consider collecting a group of your friends for a night out on the town.

    After you spend the day visiting various attractions in Boise, and relaxing in the city’s parks, here are few night clubs you will want to check out.

    • Balcony Club. Voted Boise’s best dance club in 2012, Balcony Club features a full evening of glamour, drinks, and a variety of music. Happy Hour runs from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday and Saturday feature the most popular dance party music mixes. The club also Continue Reading
  • Cycling Tours Perfect for Seeing Hawaii

    Educational tours for adults

    The Hawaiian islands are perfect for any tourist. There are plenty of chances to soak up the states rich history, lie on a beach and work out outdoors. Check out educational tours for adults and see every side of the one of the beautiful states in the United States.

    Dole Plantation Tours offer something for a variety of tourists. Dole Plantation is one of Oahu`s most popular visitor attractions and welcomes more than one million visitors a year. Dole Plantation provides enjoyable activities for the entire family, including the Pineapple Express, the Plantation Garden Tour, and the Pineapple Garden Maze. The Dole Plantation prides itself on teaching both visitors and local residents about Hawaii’s unique agricultural heritage through exciting, memorable, and hands-on experiences.

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  • Find a Quality Dance Studio in Your Area

    Dance lessons for wedding

    Are you looking for a way to be more active and improve the condition of your heart in the process, all while getting to meet new people and enjoy interpersonal connections? You may want to consider ballroom dancing lessons at a nearby dance studio.

    This way, you can have a typical exercise schedule to keep yourself limber, with an optimal body weight. Furthermore, according to the New England Journal of Medicine, a dependable dance schedule may limit the threat of dementia and boost one’s memory in the process. In the Journal of Applied Gerontology it was reported that first wedding dance lessons–or any kind of dance lessons–may cut down on the amount of stress with which you deal each Continue Reading